iSpy is our latest application that is loaded with features that will give you HOURS of entertainment and at the same time offers you a serious home/office IP Camera surveillance option.

IP Cam Surveillance. Setup your phone to show the IP Camera feeds from your cameras. You may also configure public cameras that are not  provided by us. For example if your town has traffic cameras you may configure that camera to know the state of your roads at any time. OR if you are a student add your school's IP Camera feeds and voila on your phone, you will have a view of what your friends are doing.

Public Camera Feeds from over 1500+ cameras. The feeds are categorized and given identifiable names. You can select the feed based on your interest in the category. The preview feature on the feed selection gives a snapshot of the feed to give an idea what that feed is about. My favorite category is Campus. If you are going to college soon and would like to get a feel of how life is in the campuses around the world then this category is for you. Another of my favorite ones is Beaches.....its great to have the view of beaches around the world on your finger tips.

Motion detection and notifications. Let's say you are looking at an IP Cam feed but there is no movement/action taking place, well this application provides you a solution - you can setup a motion alert on the feed. The motion detection occurs in the background in other words you may close the application. In the event of a motion, the phone will vibrate on motion and right from the notification bar on the phone you will be able to open the feed and see what led to the motion alert. This feature is GREAT for home/work monitoring e.g., your phone will tell you when the cleaning lady has gone in your secret den ;-)

Recording & DVR Feature. All feeds configured on the phone can be recorded. The recording can be carried out in two modes (a) Continuous (b) On Motion. As the name indicates the continuous recording captures the feed as it is coming for the specified period of time. The "On motion" recording feature is a space saver - you don't want to record when there is no action, this features automatically records when there is motion on the feed. All recordings can be viewed at any time. From the DVR screen and settings screens you can easily manage the space used by your recordings.

Spy Camera. This feature is for pranksters and snoopers. The Spy camera allows you to record and take snapshots on your phone without the phone showing the preview or making the shutter sound *so* no one other than you would know that the recording is in progress. This feature provides multiple options to make it work in a way that would serve your purpose. Please use this feature responsibly, we cannot be held responsible for any trouble you may cause by using this feature. Please do respect the privacy of others...


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