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Windows 2 World for iPhone & iPad -Watch webcam feeds in real time. Thousands of webcams to chose from. You can play webcams randomly or select webcams based on country or categories. There are categories such as Swimming Pool, Campus, Private and many more. Features:

  • Play random webcam feeds from across the globe
  • Bookmark favorite feeds setup
  • Select feeds by country or category
  • Participate in discussing the feeds with other users
  • Browse the picture gallery - as of April 2013, our users have taken over 100,000 pictures !!!!
  • While looking at pictures or interaction, simply touch the picture to play webcam in real time
  • Share pictures using Facebook,  E-Mail

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iSpy - IP Camera surveillance & Webcam DVR. Feeds from over 1500 selected web cameras available on your fingertips. Record your own or public IP camera feeds and play back when you feel like. The Spy Camera feature allows you to capture video and snapshot without getting noticed - the preview is hidden and there is no shutter sound.

Great for students - with over 400+ Campus feeds you will get a feel of the campus life in universities and schools around the world especially USA. Look into the private life of people who have setup IP cameras to broadcast themselves. Watch the tourists at various attractions around the world and how can we forget the view of pristine beaches in Hawaii and other great places. This application is a Perfect tool for remote home/office surveillance; watch your kids while you are away from home or known when your package is delivered (motion notifications).


  • Multiple IP Camera Surveillance
  • Spy camera
  • IP Camera DVR
  • IP Camera feed recording on motion & continuous
  • Motion detection notifications
  • Real-time webcam feeds from around the world
  • Supports all IP Camera that use MJPEG format - tested with 80+ brands



My Phone Karaoke application for android enables you to play your favorite karaoke tracks on your phone without needing for you to download the tracks to your phone. The Karaoke tracks in CD+G & Mp3g format reside in the cloud that is managed by you, your friends and the entire my phone karaoke community.




Turn your Android phone into a window to the world. Expect the unexpected - watch the happenings around the world in REAL TIME. Who knows what you will find today....A couple in a restaurant in Switzerland having a romantic dinner, a bird in Milan guarding its little ones, nice & serene beaches in Honolulu, a playful doggy daycare in Atlanta, teenagers in Sweden trying out the trendy jackets in a shop.......The list goes on and on. We have over 2000 webcam feeds that we make available to you on your phone and 10 new feeds get added every day .  The webcam feeds are tested everyday to ensure that you will always get the best of the best feeds.


  • Real-time webcam feeds from around the world
  • Automatic refresh, new feeds are updated on your phone every 15 minutes
  • Rolling or pinned feed option. Automatically switch to next feed or keep playing the same feed
  • Snapshots - can be saved to SD card (supports Emailed, Facebook, SMS)  or upload to our website
  • Add new favorite feeds from our website (http://www.4RCreations.com) by selecting feeds reviewed by other users
  • Add your own private IP cameras to the application
  • Intelligent feed generation logic pushes the feeds based on rating and time of the day at the webcam location
  • Rate the feeds


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